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‘DID 5′ Zee Tv Dance Reality Upcoming Show Judges|Timing|Promo|Contestant|Choreographers

‘DID 5′ Zee Tv Dance Reality Upcoming Show Judges|Timing|Promo|Contestant|Choreographers
The fifth season of Zee TV’s popular dance-based franchise ‘Dance India Dance’ is expected to hit TV screens this month with an all-new panel of judges.

The new season will present itself in the form of the ‘Biggest Battleground of Dance’, where each participant will set a certain standard with their dancing prowess and challenge the other to ‘Beat That’.

  • Punit Pathak
  • Gaiti Siddiqui
  • Mudassar Khan 
‘DID 5′ Zee Tv Dance Reality Upcoming Show Judges|Timing|Promo|ContestantChoreographers
‘DID 5′ Zee Tv Dance Reality Upcoming Show Judges|Timing|Promo|Contestant|Choreographers
While Mudassar has been on the judges’ panel in the previous seasons, Siddiqui has been a coach and creative guide for countless ‘DID’ stars over the years. Pathak was a former contestant.

Judges of  ‘DID 5′

Actor Mithun Chakravarty returns as the Grand Master on the show. Making household names out of judges Geeta Kapur, Terence Lewis and Remo Dsouza, host Jay Bhanushali 

A talent like Salman, Shakti, Prince, Dharmesh, Raghav and others, the show has set benchmarks for excellence in dance.

Pathak said, “Never did I imagine that one day I will be on the other side of the table as a judge on the same show that I made a humble beginning to my journey as a dancer. Very rarely does an ex-contestant of a reality show graduate to become a judge on the same show and I consider myself blessed to have been able to get that opportunity. It’s a huge responsibility and I hope that I’m able to impart as much knowledge as I have gathered since my debut years ago on ‘DID’ and fairly judge the contestants.”

Siddiqui said, “I have been associated with DID for a long time now, creatively supervising some of the acts you’ve seen over the previous seasons. Therefore, I understand the responsibility that comes along with being a judge on such a prestigious platform.

I feel very equipped to identify, groom, and mentor the talent as I have been closely involved with the process all along.” ‘DID 5′ is produced by ZEEL’s content engine Essel Vision Productions. The auditions for the show began in April and were held across 17 cities.


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