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"Dhoop Kinare"Zindagi Upcoming Show Story Wiki |Starcast|Timing|Title Song|Promo

"Dhoop Kinare"Zindagi Upcoming Show Story Wiki |Starcast|Timing|Title Song|Promo
"Dhoop Kinare" Zindagi tv Upcoming Show Story Wiki |Starcast |Trailors | Timing |Title Song Download

Zindagi tv is going to Launch a New Show in July 2015 .

Director   : Sahira Kazmi
Created By: Haseena Moin
Production : PTV network
Release Year: 1985 
Series        : Classic

In "Dhoop Kinare", Rahat Kazmi & Marina Khan  plays lead role in this show and this serial is most popular in Pakistan. Zindagi tv has geared up for this new venture. In Pakistan,this serial same name as "Dhoop Kinare" and telecasted on Ptv

On October 3, 2011, an Indian soap opera in Hindi was launched by Sony Entertainment Television India. It was titled as Kuch Toh Log Kahenge and is loosely based on Dhoop Kinare.
"Dhoop Kinare"Zindagi Upcoming Show Story Wiki |Starcast|Timing|Title Song|Promo
"Dhoop Kinare"Zindagi Upcoming Show Story Wiki |Starcast|Timing|Title Song|Promo

Story of Upcoming Zindagi tv Serial "Dhoop Kinare"

The story revolves around the leads, Dr. Ahmer and Zoya Ali Khan. Ahmer was an orphan, adopted at a young age by a man, who is coincidentally, Zoya's maternal grandfather. As Zoya's mother was disowned by her father when she married against his wishes, and so Zoya never met her grandfather. To overcome his loneliness after losing his daughter, the man adopted Ahmer and raised him as his own son.

The story starts when Ahmer's father passes away, and his will is read out. He leaves all his property and business to Ahmer, with the exception of the house they lived in, which he leaves to his only surviving heir, Zoya.  Ahmer, who never knew about his father having an actual daughter or grand-daughter, becomes very bitter and thinks negatively of his father who did not leave the house to him (not for money's sake, but for sentimental purposes). He also starts hating the girl who got the house, but never makes any attempt to meet her. At this time, Ahmer is a full-fledged doctor, and he leaves to go abroad for specialisation. Zoya, is a young girl, who gets an admission in med school.

Story advances about 5 years, when Zoya graduates from medical school and starts a housejob in Paediatrics department. Ahmer has returned from abroad and is now the Head of Department. Both are unaware of each others pasts.

Zoya is very fun-loving and takes life lightly, while Dr. Ahmer is the serious type. Initially, she makes mistakes, puts a child's life in danger etc and this just puts her on Dr. Ahmer's bad side. He constantly scolds her, and even asks her to leave the profession if she cannot work seriously... After some time though, Zoya starts admiring Dr. Ahmer for his professionalism and decides to take her work seriously and becomes very dedicated. Eventually, Ahmer starts to ease up around her, starts praising her work, admiring her as a person. Very very gradually, you see them fall in love. Without mentioning anything to each other, without doing anything unprofessional, you can sense that they love each other dearly... although neither is sure the other loves them back. It's such a beautiful love story that you have to see it.

One day, Dr. Ahmer overhears Zoya telling someone she loves Ahmer. Ahmer becomes happy and that is when he starts thinking of her as the most special person in her life. He begins to share all his secrets and aspirations with her. Even meets her father and develops a good relationship with him. However, neither professes their love yet. Then the problems start.

I could go on, but just for the sake of spoiling your story, I don't think I should. Let me know if you want to know more
"Dhoop Kinare"Zindagi Upcoming Show Story Wiki |Starcast|Timing|Title Song|Promo
"Dhoop Kinare"Zindagi Upcoming Show Story Wiki |Starcast|Timing|Title Song|Promo
 Star Cast of "Dhoop Kinare" Serial Zindagi tv
  • Rahat Kazmi
  • Marina Khan
  • Arshad Mehmood
  • Qazi Wajid
  • Kehkishan Awan
  • Hameed Wayne
  • Ishrat Hashmi
  • Sajid Hassan
  • Badar Khalil
  • Azra Sherwani 

Promo & Title Song of  "Dhoop Kinare"

The Promo of the Show is not available yet .It is taken from Ptv .

Title Song - "Dhoop Kinare"

  • "Hansi Khanakti Hui"      
  • "Raat Yun Dil Main Teri"
  • "Main Tum Se Na Puchun"   

Telecast Details of "Dhoop Kinare" Serial  Zindagi tv

    • Show Name :-"Dhoop Kinare" 
    • Channel Name  - Zindagi tv
    • Launch Date :- July 2015
    • Days - Mon-Sat
    • Timings -Update Soon
    • Genre :-Drama
    • Language:- Urdu 
    • Episode :-39
    Source:- Wiki


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