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Cyber Safety |How to Secure yourself from Cyber attacks

Cyber Safety

The number of internet users in growing worldwide. Internet safety is a growing concern for both children and adults.Common concerns regarding safety of the internet include malicious users (Spam;Phishing;Cyber bullying;Cyber stalking,etc.),website and software   (Malware,Computer,virus,etc.)and various type of obscene or offensive content. several crimes are being committed on the Internet such as stalking,identify theft more.

Information Security

Sensitive information such as personal information,identity and password are often associated with personal property (for example,bank account)and privacy and may present security concerns if leaked.


Cyber Safety |How to Secure yourself from Cyber attacks
Cyber Safety |How to Secure yourself from Cyber attacks
Phishing is a type of scam where the scanners disguise as a true-worthy source in attempt to obtain private information such as password,and credit card information,etc. through the internet.These fake website are often designed to look identical to their legitimate counterparts to avoid suspicion from the user.


Malware,particularly spyware,is malicious software disguised as legitimate-software to collect and transmit private information ,such as password,without the user's consent or knowledge.They are often distribute through e-mail,software and files from unofficial location.Malware is one of the most prevalent security concerns as often impossible to determine whether a file is infected ,despite the source of the source of the file.

Cyber Stalking

It's the crime in which the attacker harasses a victim using electronic communication such as e-mail and instant messaging massages posted on a website.It involves sending repeated annoying or unwelcome message.It is an obsession for the target and a desire to control the
target cyber staleness use email,twitter,face book,four squares text messaging and testing primary tools.

Cyber Bullying

Cyber Bullying is often an extension of bullying outside the internet,and may take form in many different ways.for example,the malicious user might release images of the user without his or her consent.

Online Predication

Online Predication is the act of engaging an underage minor into inappropriate sexual relationship through the internet.Online predators may attempt to initiate and seduce minors
into relationship through the use of chat rooms or internet forums.


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