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SBI Specialist Officer 2015-16 EXAM PATTERN & SYLLABUS |SBI-SO

SBI Specialist Officer 2015-16 EXAM PATTERN & SYLLABUS |SBI-SO
Its time to pull up socks as SBI - SO - 2015-16 is close at hand. Here Uniarticles is providing Pattern & Syllabus of SBI - SO - 2015-16. 
SBI Specialist Officer 2015-16 EXAM PATTERN & SYLLABUS |SBI-SO
The Online Test will be held on 14.06.2015

Pattern of Examination

SBI Specialist Officer 2015-16 EXAM PATTERN & SYLLABUS |SBI-SO
SBI Specialist Officer 2015-16 EXAM PATTERN & SYLLABUS |SBI-SO


There will be the following topics in this examination.
Quantitative Aptitude:

Data Interpretation (almost 40% questions): Averages, Ratios and Proportions, Bar Charts, Tables, Pie Charts Simplification, Probability, Time and Work, Simple and Compound Interest, etc. 

Numerical Ability:

Ratios and proportions, averages, LCM and HCF, Ages, Time and Distance, Speed and Distance, Profit and Loss, Basic Menstruation.


Classification, Input and Output, Seating Arrangement, Ranking, Coding - Decoding, Time Sequence, Decision Making, Course of Action, Cause and Effect, Statements Conclusions and Statements Assumptions.

English Language: 

Vocabulary, Antonyms, Synonyms, Sentence Arrangement, Fill in the Blanks, Locating and Correcting the errors, Reading Comprehension and cloze test.

Professional Knowledge:

1. Systems Officer / IT Officer: 

Computer Networks and Basic Programming Languages (C, C++, Java), Data Base Management Systems (DBMS), Basic concepts of Software and Hardware, Data Structures, Computer Organization, Computer Networks, Network Programming, Algorithms, Digital Electronics, Web Technologies, Information Systems and Software Engineering etc.

2. Chartered Accountant: 

Accounting Standards, Accounting Guidance Note, Financial Report Standards, Indian Accounting Standards, Corporate Financial Reporting, Accounting and Reporting of Financial Instrument, Share-based Payment, Liability Valuation, Share, Business valuation, Inflation Accounting, Indian Capital Market, Mutual Funds, Foreign Exchanges, Auditing etc.

3. Law Officer: 

Banking Regulated Laws, Banking Security Laws, Negotiable Instruments, Ethics and Corporate Governance in Banking, Financial Analysis, Banking Operational Laws, Banker-Customer Relations, Electronic Banking, Loans and Advances, Compliance and Legal Aspects, Security Types and Regulatory Frameworks etc.

4. Statistician: 

Basic Statistical Methods and Inference , Uni-Variate Data, Bi-Variate Data, Time series forecasting, Sampling Concepts, Sampling Distribution, Estimations Theory, Simple Regression, Multiple Regression, Variance Analysis, Banking-Insurance, Financial Market, Foreign Exchanges, Forecasting Portfolio etc.
Source :- SBI


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