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DD Kisan 24 Hours TV Channel For Farmers Launched By PM Modi

Farmer centric channel - DD Kisan, world's first channel that has been dedicated specially for agricultural development and farmers, has been launched by Mr Narendra Modi today in India.

With the intention of encouraging agriculture, Indian Prime Minister, Mr Narendra Modi has today launched a new farmer centric channel - DD Kisan.

One of the officials also mentioned that Mr Modi had earlier said: "if "Kisan" (farmer) cannot reach the advance technology then we need to take efforts to get technology to reach out to our farmers" and this is what exactly Mr Modi has accomplished today by launching this channel!

Farmers from different states of India had gathered for the launch and showed much enthusiasm in this novel movement.
DD Kisan 24 Hours TV Channel For Farmers Launched By PM Modi
DD Kisan 24 Hours TV Channel For Farmers Launched By PM Modi

DD Kisan 24 Hours TV Channel For Farmers Launched By PM Modi

While addressing the crowd, Mr Modi said : "Increase in production will lead to increase income." Mr Modi believes that a nation would grow only when the villages of that nation grows and a village would grow when agriculture is given top most piority.

Mr Modi
said that we need to take efforts so as to bring a change to the agriculture movement of this nation and only then we can bring about a change in the nation's economy.

Mr Modi said that DD Kisan channel would open new areas of exploration to the farmers in the agricultural sector.

Government has further made it compulsory for the cable and Direct to Home (DTH) operators to provide the DD Kisan channel to all their subscribers.

Mr Arun Jaitley, Information and Broadcasting Minister, had earlier mentioned: "Since there are farmers in every state, so under the Cable Act, the Kisan channel has been made a must-carry channel. Must carry means that it is compulsory for every cable network or DTH network to carry it."

The DD Kisan channel would be relayed in all the languages. Further organizations from various agricultural sectors have contributed to make this channel possible.

With the addition of DD Kisan, there are in all 25 channels in the "must carry" category Doordarshan channels now.


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