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'Lage Raho Chachu' Disney Show Story|Starcast|Timing|Kishore Bhanushali Entry

'Lage Raho Chachu' Disney Show Story|Starcast|Timing|Kishore Bhanushali Entry
Lage Raho Chachu which airs on Disney channel leaves no stone unturned in engaging the viewers with interesting episodes every week.

The talented Kishore Anand Bhanushali who is known to mimic late Dev Anand will play a cameo in the show.

Starcast  'Lage Raho Chachu' Disney Show

In the upcoming track, unknown to Kapadia (Sharad Vyas), Rhea (Swati Semwal) has given Vivek (Punit Tejwani) permission to shoot a scene for his serial in their bungalow. Vivek arrives with the excited kids.  The crew and Vivek begin setting up and rehearsing while they await the arrival of Brave Anand (Kishore Bhanushali).
'Lage Raho Chachu' Disney Show Story|Starcast|Timing|Kishore Bhanushali Entry
Plot/Story  'Lage Raho Chachu' Disney Show

Meanwhile, Kapadia who is on his way to work realizes that he has forgotten his wallet and asks Heeralal to turn back when a car bumps into Kapadia’s car and an angry Kapadia gets out of the car to give the driver of the other car a piece of his mind only to see that the person driving the car is none other than Brave Anand, his favorite actor. He forgets about the slight accident and takes pictures with the actor.

Heeralal tries to call Rhea to tell her that Kapadia is on his way back but there is no answer so he sends her a message. Brave Anand arrives at the bungalow and is taken to the room to change for the scene when Rhea sees Heeralal’s message a little too late and everyone panic and hide. The kids and Rhea go out to stall Kapadia but he pushes his way into the house.

What follows is a game of hide and seek with the kids and Chachu trying to keep Kapadia occupied in his room as the eccentric director is determined to shoot with Kapadia in the house.
What happens next will be for viewers to see!


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