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Krystle Dsouza - 'Confessions of Tellywood Beauty'

Krystle Dsouza - 'Confessions of Tellywood Beauty'
Tellybuzz brings you a new Monday column on 'Confessions of Tellywood Shopaholics'. This week we have Krystle Dsouza with us who was last seen on Sony TV's Ekk Nayi Pehchaan, opposite Karan Sharma. Let's know Krystle's shopping interests in our fun column.

How often do you go to shop?
I shop thrice in a week! The place where I live is right across a mall, hence I find shopping very tempting!

What do you shop the most for?
These days, I shop for t -shirts and shorts due to rains. 

Krystle Dsouza - 'Confessions of Tellywood Beauty'
Krystle Dsouza - 'Confessions of Tellywood Beauty'
Your dream shopping destination?
USA! I feel it is one of the best countries from where I would love to shop and I will be going there soon. 

Where do you prefer to shop in Mumbai?
I like shopping at Palladium mall and Infinity-2

What would you buy?

If given Rs. 10: I would buy a rubber band that would keep my hair tangle free in the rains
If given Rs. 100: One plate pani puri and one plate dahi puri! That's all you get in Rs.100 these days
If given Rs. 1000: I'd buy a nice t-shirt 
If given Rs. 1 Lakh: A luxury hand bag
If given Rs. 1 Crore: my list wouldn't end!!! I would buy everything from bags to shoes, clothes to food! 

How you feel after shopping?
Shopping is like a therapy. I feel extremely happy after shopping. I feel on top of the world! Also it makes me want to go to new places so that I can flaunt my new buy.


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