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CWE PO/MT-5 Exam Tips | How to fill preferences in IBPS Application Form

CWE PO/MT-5 Exam Tips | How to fill preferences in IBPS Application Form

As many of the students are constantly bombarding the queries related to bank preference for IBPS PO 2015. We would like to inform you that we are presenting you the Preference List of the banks based on various criteria. These data are based on various market research and the choice of the students aspiring for a job in the banking sector.
Based on Headquarters of the banks-
The headquarters can be one of the criteria for choosing a bank. This is because whatever bank you chose, you will find more number of branches in the state where the headquarter is located. Now if we take the example of Bank of Baroda, it has more number of branches in Gujrat and the probability of getting the posting in Gujrat increases. So you can chose accordingly.
Following is the list of the banks with their headquarters. You can take it as a regional preference that can be near your place. As an example, suppose you reside in UP and you get the posting in Gujrat, then its okay and if you by mistake chose a bank that has a reach in Southern India, then it can be harder for you to accommodate and same is the case for vice-versa. So it's better to review what you have in mind.

CWE PO/MT-5 Exam Tips | How to fill preferences in IBPS Application Form
CWE PO/MT-5 Exam Tips | How to fill preferences in IBPS Application Form
Based on the area of your choice-
If you want to get posted exclusively in metro cities you should go only for banks such as ECGC, Bhartiya Mahila Bank, IDBI etc. And if you are comfortable with any other postings Tier II, III cities you can choose other options. As there are limited number of vacancies in such banks, then you have to be in top shots in order to get the jobs in such banks.

Best Choice for North India ‐
States Include: Delhi, Punjab, UP, UK, J&K, HP, Haryana

2. Exim Bank,
3. Punjab National Bank,
4. Bhartiya Mahila Bank,
5. Bank of Baroda,
6. Oriental Bank of Commerce,
7. Allahabad Bank,
8. IDBI Bank,
9. Punjab & Sind Bank,
10. Canara Bank,

Best choice for East & North East India –
Eastern States Include: Odisha, West Bengal, Bihar, Jharkhand

1. Allahabad Bank,
2. Bank of India,
3. Bank of Baroda,
4. UCO Bank,
5. United Bank of India,
6. Canara Bank,
7. Union Bank,

Best Choice for West & Central India –
States Include: Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Gujarat, MP, Chhattisgarh, Goa

1. Bank of Baroda,
2. IDBI Bank,
3. Dena Bank,
4. Bank of Maharashtra,
5. Canara Bank,
6. Indian Overseas Bank,
7. Exim Bank,
8. Corporation Bank

Best Choice for South India –
States Include: Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Kerala

1. Andhra Bank,
2. Indian Bank,
3. Vijaya Bank,
4. Indian Overseas Bank,
5. Canara Bank,
6. Corporation Bank,
7. Exim Bank,
8. Syndicate Bank

On the basis of number of branches :
After checking the headquarter, the other thing that we should look for is Region Wise Branches. A bigger bank has more number of branches and vice-versa. A bank with more number of branches will have more number of employees and more number of employees and branches means there will be more number of vacancies. Also the chances of promotions will be more in such banks.
CWE PO/MT-5 Exam Tips | How to fill preferences in IBPS Application Form
CWE PO/MT-5 Exam Tips | How to fill preferences in IBPS Application Form
On the basis of Growth Opportunities in the banks :
If you are not worried about the location and you are looking for better growth opportunities then you can also choose the bank on the basis of net profit(a bank which is enjoying a good run will have a sound goodwill in the market) and it will eventually help a newcomer like you in the Banking Sector. And in such banks, you will get a hell lot of learning opportunity.
On the Basis of Banking Mergers and Central Government/PSU's
This year EXIM bank is also included in the recruiting bank list. This was no co-incidence and was anticipated by various bankers. Being a Central Govt. job, both ECGC and EXIM can be on top priority. EXIM being Premier Export Finance Institution, has a good reach in Metro Cities. And now based on all the factors, the following will be one of the best preference list..

In the end, the choice is yours: 
After all of this, it is you who has to take the ultimate decision. So do review everything and analyse your choices before filling the form.


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