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Comparising Between Google Docs vs Microsoft Office

 Comparising Between  Google Docs vs Microsoft Office 

But many people drop the idea after looking at the plans.In mobile devices, Google gives Google Docs, Microsoft is offering the Office Mobile app and it is completely free of cost.Let us look into each one individually so that you could decide which is the best one for you.

Microsoft Office
It was introduced fifteen years ago and is very much compatible with all of the desktop versions and can be installed in smartphones which run on Android, iOS and Windows

The suite is a combination of core apps like PowerPoint, Word and Excel and non-core apps like OneNote Mobile, Lync Mobile and SharePoint Newsfeed.

By using Word Mobile, users can edit and create documents, change the font size, bold texts, add comments and colours etc.
 Comparising Between  Google Docs vs Microsoft Office

 Comparising Between  Google Docs vs Microsoft Office  

The bad news is, documents which are protected with passwords won’t open and you can’t change few things in mobile versions like text alignment, typeface and style.

You can’t even insert pictures, create bulleted lists and even though the original document has footers, headers and page breaks, users can’t see them and they can’t insert others.

But you can open all your documents in PSW format and save in the Rich Text Format. Word Mobile allows the users to spell check, replace and find words and offer the word count tool.

With Excel, users can calculate formulas, edit XLSX files, columns, sort rows, create charts, search within the spreadsheet etc. The rows and columns that are added to the document edge and still you can’t delete the original ones, rearrange or add spreadsheet tabs.

The mobile version of it don’t support auto filter settings, zoom settings, hidden sheets and protection settings etc.

PowerPoint in Windows Mobile 5.0 had very fewer features. You are able to edit text, add notes and rearrange slides and cannot create any new presentations.

Google Docs

This suite consists of Sheets, Docs, Forms and Slides and it is available since ten years.

Docs has very fewer features than Word, but while you modify them they will be saved automatically to the servers of Google and are shareable or allow anyone to get access to them.

If you are starting a discussion, adding a comment or replying to a message the app will notify you. Docs don’t allow its user so put an image but can able to export the files into 2 formats

1. Office Open XML

2. Open Document

The sheets are capable of allowing many users to communicate on the very same document and support many formats like .xlsm, .csv, .tab, .xlt, .txt, xltm, .tsv, .xlsx, .xlt, .xltx, .ods but dont have as many feature as Excel has.

Slides will give the users to make a presentation right from the scratch, where you can text, white background, make lines and shapes.



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