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“Ramrajya” ABP News Neelesh Misra Upcoming TV show to Scrutinise Indian Governance

“Ramrajya” ABP News Neelesh Misra Upcoming TV show to Scrutinise Indian Governance
“Ramrajya” ABP News Neelesh Misra Upcoming TV show to Scrutinise Indian Governance
“Ramrajya” ABP News Neelesh Misra Upcoming TV show to Scrutinise Indian Governance
Writer and lyricist Neelesh Misra's new “introspective” TV show “Ramrajya” can “raise a lot of uncomfortable however necessary prospects” of good governance.

This can be done by taking examples from different countries and with the aim to deal with the varied problems that India faces nowadays.

The weekend show, that can start on Saturday on ABP News, can present social and political prototypes for India to follow by featuring some onground coverage from various countries across the world.

“'Ramrajya' is a very attention-grabbing concept where we have a tendency to have travelled to many countries around the globe to capture the simplest case studies and examples of good governance. We can provoke some new concepts on governance,” Misra, whose popular radio show “Yaadon Ka Idiot Box” is in its fourth season, told here.

“The word 'Ramrajya' has been used and misused in several ways in which, but it actually means that a welfare state. In several countries, as well as those which don't seem to be wealthy ones, we have a tendency to find examples of wonderful governance. Thus, the show asks the question why such things aren't possible in India?"

Misra, who has also had a tryst with journalism, says "Ramrajya" could be a show that has never been done before on Indian tv.

"Additionally, it's very constructive television. It's coming back at a time when TV is all concerning noise,” he added.

Misra, who is also the co-founder-editor of India's rural newspaper Gaon Connection, said that a lot of importance ought to be given to the rural sector so as to modernise it.

“I'm glad that there is a lot of target rural India within the last couple of years. Still, rural India is basically missing from conversations within the media. As per a study, only 2 % of newspaper area is devoted to rural India that is why content like 'Ramrajya' is terribly relevant as a result of if the understanding of rural India doesn't emerge, then we are simply buttonholed and stereotyped,” he said.

Asked whether he is going to talk regarding the failures of the Indian government, Misra added: “The show has nothing to try and do with the constitution. It can talk regarding regarding how things are being tired different countries -- like how sectors like education, health or social security are working there.

“There will be some introspection on how we can work in a very higher approach. We have a tendency to will have discussions with experts. This is going to be a pointy take a look at what we have a tendency to could try this we have a tendency to haven't been able to do in terms of governance. It's an introspective show that raises a ton of uncomfortable however necessary prospects.”

Talking regarding his future comes, he said: “I'm working on a couple of books. I've just finished writing a film for Yash Raj (Films) and we tend to are visiting publish some books currently like compilation of our radio stories and different content.”


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