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IndiBlogger Indirank Mean Limitation Top Review How It Works

What does my IndiRank mean?

It's like runs in an exceedingly game of cricket - the higher the score, the upper ranking you have got. Blogs are ranked on a scale of 1-one hundred.

How is IndiRank calculated?

A blog's IndiRank is calculated based mostly on varied factors. Other blog ranking systems rate how well-liked a blog is. We tend to've taken it a step any based on how deserving a blog is of turning into widespread. This is to make sure that the lesser known, however well deserving blogs are pushed up the ladder also. IndiRank can be completely refreshed every month, thus a blog's previous rank can have no concerning it's gift rank.

IndiBlogger Indirank Mean Limitation Top Review How It Works

What are the factors which affect IndiRank?

We have a tendency to've combined several factors as well as Google PageRank, Incoming links and alexa ranking (Inspired by the analysis done by Binaryday). Recently, we added mozRank as an necessary factor. The system additionally checks to determine the frequency at which a blog is updated, and 3 alternative secret ingredients. Some of these factors have a lot of weightage than the rest.

What are its limitations?

We believe that any ranking system ought to not be taken too seriously - and that's because no system will be correct. IndiRank is built to rank the bulk of Indian blogs as accurately as doable. However, please do take note:
  • Not every blog applies to our algorithm, and a blog may get a rank it does not deserve.
  • The IndiRank algorithm is continually tweaked to improve it's accuracy.
  • No piece of computer code can ever judge your blog as well as your readers can - so get your blog reviewed on our forum if you haven't done so already!
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