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How to Protect Google Adsense Account from Blocking

How to Protect Google Adsense Account from Blocking
Dear Friends,
                      You all know that Google is No. 1 Search Engines in the World. Google is Spreading his fame all over world. And become Top Choice to Advertiser to Advertise their Products and Services. Website Publisher also Love to Work with Google with their Ads Monetization Service Google Adsense. Its not easy to Get your Google Adsense account and at the same time its not easy to Keep your Adsense account protected from Blocking.

If you did any tiny Mistake Google Adsense Service should be Blocked. So We are Here to Share you some tips so You can prevent your Adsense Account from Blocking.

Below are the Tips so You can Prevent your adsense account :-

  • Never Violates Policies Made by Google Adsense Click Here to Read Google Adsense Program Policies.
  • Never Place More Than 3 Google adsense ads on Single Web page
  • Never told anyone to click Your Blog/Website Ads
  • Always Use Clear Navigation on Website and Remove all Broken Links from Your webpage
  • Never use any Copyrighted Content Without Premission.
  • Never Click on Your own adsense Ads
  • Never Use Any Streaming Link Except Youtube,Vimeo etc.
  • Never try to make fool Your visitors
  • Never redirect your user to misleading Links
  • Never Use any Adult content on Your Blog/Website.
If you Carefully Follows the Above Guidelines .You Adsense Account will never be Blocked.
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