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‘Newscast’ app testing by Microsoft |News App

‘Newscast’ app testing by Microsoft |News App
Tech giant Microsoft is testing a new application titled ‘Newscast’ that will read out the news to the users, thus going a level above the competing news apps.

The app will sort out the best news stories from the web and use text-to-speech technology to read out article summaries to the users in the form of a playlist.

Users can also save articles for reading later and view the full text of any article on the app. NewsCast will only be available for iOS users. The app could be part of Microsoft’s Garage Project which focuses on building specifically for Android or iOS platform.
‘Newscast’ app testing by Microsoft |News App
‘Newscast’ app testing by Microsoft |News App
NewsCast is a proof-of-concept product from the Bing News and Speech teams and seems to be testing only inside Microsoft. Collecting feedback from users is a major focus of NewsCast’s current build by tapping a feedback button in the app that opens an email.

The email includes a three-question survey about what users like, dislike and want from it in the future. The app is being tested internally right now. Among other things, it might allow users to choose publications from which to receive news.


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