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Telly Tech TIVO Launched Online |Search & Watch Online

Telly Tech TIVO Launched Online |Search & Watch Online
Television technology company Tivo has announced TiVo Online, a free new way for customers to find the programmes they want to watch from their cable lineup or a wide variety of streaming services. Tivo Online delivers the power of TiVo’s search and discovery right on the users PC or Mac.

Tivo president, CEO Tom Rogers said, “The tools available today to find what viewers most want to watch across all sources of programmes are not comprehensive, not personalised, or are difficult to use. There just isn’t a great way to hone in on exactly what you care about and are most interested in — until now with Tivo Online. Tivo Online is the service you can rely on to guide you right to what you want from cable and video on demand, streaming services and web videos and opens the renown value of TiVo’s search to find and connect straight to your favourite content in a simple, easy to use fashion. TiVo has always been the best way to watch TV, but now, TiVo Online becomes the trusted source for doing just that, and it’s free and easily accessible to anyone.
Telly Tech TIVO Launched Online |Search & Watch Online
Telly Tech TIVO Launched Online |Search & Watch Online

“With TiVo Online, viewers who have yet to experience TiVo can utilise the powerful search and discovery features TiVo subscribers have appreciated for years. Realising the compelling aspects of TiVo’s service integrated right into their TV set and traditional viewing experience — along with the many other features of the TiVo service such viewing from any screen no matter where you are — we hope will inspire new viewers become TiVo subscribers.”

Tivo Online eliminates the hassle of searching a variety of content providers and apps to identify what service offers a user’s favourite show. At launch, TiVo subscribers can stream live and recorded TV when on their home network or launch titles with one click from supported programmers and streaming sites. An update planned for later this year will allow anyone who registers for a free TiVo account to enjoy the same highly personalised viewing experience available now to TiVo subscribers.

 The new, free TiVo Online includes:
  • Unified Search: Search across shows, actors, and even networks to find where the content one wants is available. 
  • What to Watch Now: Shows users categories of the most popular programing based on genres and themes. 
  • TiVo Guide: Quick access to a channel lineup to determine where and when your favourite shows are available.

TiVo Online for active TiVo subscribers includes the following additional features:
  • OnePass Creation and Management: Create, edit, or copy your OnePass selections from one DVR to another. TiVo OnePass gives users one place for all available content to be searchable from within the ‘My Shows’ menu, whether the content is recorded from network television, or is available on supported programmers or from a streaming solution such as Hulu. 
  • Manage ‘My Shows’ list: As users find shows that they like online, add them to the ‘My Shows’ list to watch any time. 
  • Stream: Users can stream recordings or watch Live TV at home. 
  • To Do List: Users can view and manage upcoming recordings.
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