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Android 2015 Upcoming Mobiles Review|Comment|Specification|Features|Buy

Android 2015 Upcoming Mobiles Review|Comment|Specification|Features|Buy
HTC One M9

We are massive fans of the HTC One M8, and the HTC One M9 is even better. Although HTC has kept the full-HD screen rather than the quad-HD screens seen in the new Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, the HTC One M9 is a very attractive phone with some impressive performance.

You can check out our HTC One M9 review here, and learn more about the HTC One M9 release date, price and specs here. The phone went on sale in the UK on 31 March from £579 SIM-free, making it £30 cheaper than its rival the Samsung Galaxy S6.
Android 2015 Upcoming Mobiles Review|Comment|Specification|Features|Buy
Android 2015 Upcoming Mobiles Review|Comment|Specification|Features|Buy

HTC One M9+

A 5.5in-screen phablet version of the HTC One M9 is the One M9+ - and this is the one we were waiting for, with a Quad-HD screen and a fingerprint scanner. It's been announced only in China at 4,299 Yuan (£522), with UK availability and pricing not yet confirmed - that's if it ever officially comes to the UK. Read more about the HTC One M9+ here.

Sony Xperia Z3+ (UK Sony Xperia Z4)

After all the rumours that the Sony Xperia Z4 would be delayed until September, the Z4 was recently unveiled in Japan. The Z4 won't come to the UK, but in late May Sony announced its Xperia Z3+ over here. The UK version of the Z4, the Z3+ is almost identical - read our Z3 vs Z3+ comparison to see exactly how it differs to both Z3 and Z4.

In essence, the Sony Xperia Z3+ is a slightly slimmed down and much faster version of the Z3, with performance we expect to fall in line with the HTC One M9. The Z3+ will go on sale in the UK in June, with final pricing TBC. Read more about the Sony Xperia Z3+ here and check out our hands-on Sony Xperia Z3+ review.

Huawei P8 and Huawei P8 max

Huawei's latest flagship has a gorgeous unibody metal design that's stylish enough to rival HTC and Apple, yet it undercuts the price of those smartphones with a starting price of 499 Euro, or £357. There is a standard 5.2in Huawei P8, or a huge 6.8in P8 max.

The phone and phablet should have gone on sale in the UK in April, with a worldwide launch following 15 May. We're unable to find them for sale right now, but keep your eyes peeled - they're worth hunting down. For more info check out our Huawei P8 and P8 max UK release date, price and specs, Huawei P8 review and Huawei P8 max review.


LG is calling the G4 the 'most ambitious smartphone yet', which is focused on delivering 'comfortable elegance, a great visual experience and a human-centric user experience'. We stand by our statement that the LG G3 was the very best phone you could buy in 2014, and things just get better with the LG G4 - although opinion is divided on that leather case (also available in ceramic versions).

Key specifications include a Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 processor, a 5.5in Quad HD IPS Quantum display, 32GB of storage (with microSD support) and a 3000mAh removable battery. The G4 was unveiled at a press event on 28 April, and will go on sale on 28 May from £495 SIM-free. Read all about the LG G4 here, and check out our LG G4 hands-on review.


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