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Tutorial To Add twitter follower button to Blogger Blog

Twitter is one of very fashionable micro blogging social network and its very simple and wide use all over the planet. By putting simple code in to your blogger you'll merely add twitter follower button for your blog in blogger. Gain much twitter follower can definitely facilitate your to improve your social networking and it additionally helps to boost to get good traffics to your site or blog. Adding twitter follower button to your blogger blog will be done by very straightforward and easy steps.

Step 1

1. Go to Design tab of Blogger and Select Page Element.

2. In Page element select Add a Gadget on that select HTML/JavaScript.
Tutorial To Add twitter follower button to Blogger Blog
Tutorial To Add twitter follower button to Blogger Blog

Step 2

Paste the following code
<a class="”twitter-follow-button”" 
Follow @pvrkmr31</a>
<script src="””"
 type="”text/javascript”"> </script>
Step 3 

Replace pvrkmr31 with your twitter username.

Step 4 

Save your blogger widget and preview.
Installing twitter follower button can also useful for your blogger user to induce interact with twitter and share your content and its additionally helpful for you as a blogger admin to promote your content by simply on twitter. I actually have already revealed a article on “How to Install Twitter Button On Your Blogger Blog” in my posts that additionally mentioned another manner to feature a twitter button to your blog. I’m set up to post additional content concerning Blogger Tricks that will useful to generate a lot of traffic to your content in my future posts.


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