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The bachelorettes Show Drama ,Laughter and Confessions New Zealand

The bachelorettes Show Drama ,Laughter and Confessions New Zealand
There was drama, laughter and confessions when the bachelorettes came face-to-face with The Bachelor for the first time since he picked his one woman from the bunch of 21.

On Friday the bachelorettes, including winner Matilda Rice and scorned runner-up Dani Robinson, sat down with bachelor Arthur Green and host Mike Puru to talk through the highs and lows of the first season of The Bachelor New Zealand.

This was the first time Green and Rice have been seen in public since they officially became a couple after the final rose ceremony when Green gave the 24-year-old Aucklander a large Michael Hill ring and his heart (but not a rose, strangely given the name of the special).

Bachelorette Matilda shared a photo of her and Art thanking all her friends, family and the rest of NZ for their incredible kind words and support throughout the whole experience.

Matilda Rice, winner of TV3's The Bachelor.
The bachelorettes Show Drama ,Laughter and Confessions New Zealand
The programme brought the contestants and Green back for the After the Final Rose Special, which aired on TV3 on Tuesday night, followed by the announcement that The Bachelor New Zealand would be returning for another season.

Robinson said she thought it was a "real shame" the pair never got to see where their relationship could have gone.

It was the pair's first meeting since the final rose ceremony when he told her she was not the one for him.
Lawrence Smith
Bachelorette Matilda shared a photo of her and Art thanking all her friends, family and the rest of NZ for their incredible kind words and support throughout the whole experience.
The bachelorettes Show Drama ,Laughter and Confessions New Zealand
Matilda Rice, winner of TV3's The Bachelor.
Robinson said it was hard for her to watch Green tell Rice "it's always been you" in the final episode.
"That discounted and took all the value out of the relationship that we had. I felt disrespected," Robinson said.
The bachelorettes Show Drama ,Laughter and Confessions New Zealand
The bachelorettes Show Drama ,Laughter and Confessions New Zealand
But Green said when he spoke the words to Rice it was more of a realisation.
Lawrence Smith
Arthur Green from TV3's The Bachelor.

Green said it was the hardest decision he ever had to make.
"Hurting you was really horrible."

Rice and Green talked about how exciting it was to not have to keep their relationship secret any more and how they were taking it a day at a time.

And Puru asked Green what it felt like to be rejected by three (almost four) women.
The man who came off across as highly articulate during the series seemed to struggle for the right words while sitting on the couch on a makeshift stage at The Grand Tearoom at the Heritage Auckland.

He said it was not a good feeling to be rejected by the women he was courting.
"At the same time I thought it was quite cool because they were being honest."
That strength and honesty was a testament to Kiwi women.

Green said he felt most uncomfortable when he had to kiss one of the bachelorettes in front of the camera crew – especially when he was told by bachelorette Chrystal Chenery to open his mouth.
"I was getting there," Green told Chenery.

While there were uncomfortable moments, the most difficult parts of the show were the rose ceremonies where he was forced to cull the women one-by-one.

Green said it was "huge relief" to finally be able to tell everybody he was with Rice and the rumour about him getting back with his former girlfriend was false.

The rumour was unlikely as his ex lived in Europe but it was hilarious that people came up with those stories, he said.
Unfortunately, it had been more frustrating than funny for Rice.
Green said he wouldn't go through the ordeal again, but would recommend it to others.

"In order to make the whole thing work you need to completely be open to everyone and everything and completely let yourself out there and wear your emotions on your sleeves."

According to Green, Rice's most attractive quality was "her chat".
"We just laugh and laugh and laugh and I find that very attractive."
Green and Rice aren't the only two to have found love.

English rose Poppy Salter told Puru she had gone on dates with a new man since leaving The Bachelor, something that was left out of the final cut.

Known best for the fart (which was apparently not as loud in real life), Salter said there was a pivotal moment when she realised she was not meant to be with Green.
The pair had just spent time with Salter's mother and friend and they were having their hair and makeup done before their single date.

Green was on his phone and Salter realised if he really liked her he wouldn't be spending their time together texting someone else.
But she went home a happy woman.

Southlander Alysha Brown assured the live audience, who watched the magic unfold while refreshing themselves with an endless supply of Lindauer, that she was OK not to be the final woman standing.

Brown said Green was now her "wingman" and was working to set her up with one of his mates.
Green had taught her she was ready to fall in love again.
Like the others she had no regrets, not even the overnight stay.

Nothing scandalous happened, she said, adding that she had been unwell the day of the date and she just wanted a good sleep.

Chenery, who has been named as one of the contestants on Mediaworks' Dancing with the Stars, was her usual shocking self during the reunion special.

She had a dig at bachelorette Danielle Le Gallais, referring to her past as a convicted fraudster.
Le Gallais said early on in the show that Chenery made her want to vomit. After seeing that play out on television Chenery said to Le Gallais she thought they were friends, followed by "where are you now? In jail?"

Chenery brushed off her comment, saying it would get cut from the final television edit of the show, which it did.

The beauty of editing was that the public did not see the whole situation play out, she said.
But she didn't have any regrets – other than that blue eyeliner.

Bachelorettes Brigette Dickson, Kristie Leonard and Natalie Stol were brought up on stage to talk about their quirks.

Leonard – who was a Miss Universe NZ finalist in 2013 and is a teacher – joked the show had taught her not to be so competitive.

She had weekly debriefs with her students and one boy at her school even offered her a rose as a joke before pulling it away.

Dickson, most fondly remembered for her sense of humour and inability to drive a manual car, said she was just going to let love come to her.


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