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MTV Splitsvilla Season-8 Upcoming Show Plot|Title Song |Sunny Leone Host |Timing |Controversies

MTV Splitsvilla Season-8 Upcoming Show Plot|Title Song |Sunny Leone Host |Timing |Controversies
MTV Splitsvilla, is an Indian television reality show that airs on MTV India. The series is based on the American dating reality show Flavor of Love.

Plot of MTV Splitsvilla Season-8

The reality show revolves around young boys and girls try to secure a place in Splitsvilla which is a "Villa". It is a "hunt for love" show where boys and girls compete in tasks to stay in the competition and mingle with the contestants to find love.

In the end, one boy and one girl are crowned the winners of Splitsvilla (they are a couple). There are a lot of fights, jealousy, hatred, friendship, backstabbing, and love when all these 16 wild contestants get together. There is also a King and Queen that have dumping powers.

MTV Splitsvilla Hosted by Sunny Leone

According to a report ,Sunny Leone will be hosting reality show, MTV Splitsvilla, again. The actress had successfully hosted the last season and now she seems all set to be back with the show's eighth instalment.
MTV Splitsvilla Season-8 Upcoming Show Plot|Title Song |Sunny Leone Host |Timing |Controversies
MTV Splitsvilla Season-8 Upcoming Show Plot|Title Song |Sunny Leone Host |Timing |Controversies

The Ek Paheli Leela star had reportedly expressed happiness over the show's TRPs last year and apparently could not say 'no' when approached by MTV to host the show again.

The diva has already hinted at more love and romance in the upcoming season and also insisted that she is excited to return to the small screen. Until MTV Splitsvilla 8 goes on air, check out what Sunny Leone had to say about having a baby...

Rannvijay turns Sunny Leone's 'student' in music video

Actors Rannvijay Singh and Sunny Leone have starred together in a fun music video, dancing to a song called "What Women Love" to promote the forthcoming show 'MTV Splitsvilla 8', which they are co-hosting this time.

To launch the cult show with 'The Way to a Woman's Heart' core and theme, the channel officials have made a virtual short version of the show and packed the concept into the music video.

It contains numerous fun suggestions on 'What you should find out about what ladies like to woo them'. Sunny and Rannvijay are seen as a couple, dancing and romancing away, taking part in out the numerous suggestions in a Broadway vogue stage-play, with Sunny leading the suggestions because she is aware of best, whereas Rannvijay is the good boyfriend who is seen doing the proper thing.

"Sunny's the proper teacher of the subject, and Rannvijay is the perfect student and the proper 'sensible boyfriend' from whom Indian boys should take an example," said an announcement from MTV.

Both actors enjoyed the experience.
MTV Splitsvilla Season-8 Upcoming Show Plot|Title Song |Sunny Leone Host |Timing |Controversies
MTV Splitsvilla Season-8 Upcoming Show Plot|Title Song |Sunny Leone Host |Timing |Controversies

Sunny, who is hosting the show for the second time, said: "It's nice that I even have Rannvijay with me on the show this time. I've seen him on 'MTV Roadies' and I apprehend he will be robust as nails and a stickler for discipline, but conjointly includes a goofy fun aspect to him."

Rannvijay said: "Sunny Leone was a gorgeous surprise who added a ton of oomph and charm to the last season of 'MTV Splitsvilla'. I'm very excited to be working with her this season. She's known for her professionalism and her 'sunny' perspective, and I assume we have a tendency to'll get along very well operating together."

Controversies MTV Splitsvilla Season-8

Sexual Exploitation MTV Splitsvilla Season-8

A month after the second season of Splitsvilla ended, some of the contestants claimed that the show’s crew members had engaged in sexual acts with other contestants.

Swaagata G Shah, a contestant from Season 2, claimed in a tabloid that there were exchanges of sexual favors between contestants and important people of the production team, including anchor Nikhil Chinappa, to get undue advantages in the contest.

Later, contestants Varun Jhamb and Nalini Negi who had been eliminated early on in the show, alleged that ‘some crew members, including the director, had slept in the same room as top contender Joanna Magee, and others engaged in sexual favours, especially towards the end.'

In response, Nikhil Chinappa said, ‘I don’t want to comment on it. The channel will come out with an official statement soon. After all, it’s about the channel’s image and mine.’ Rajiv Laxman (creative director of the show) said: ‘I firmly disagree with these allegations.

We have strict rules that prevent the mingling of the crew with the cast. Swagata was the first contestant to be eliminated and didn’t even spend a night at the villa. She doesn’t have any linking of the way things work there.’

Racial Slur MTV Splitsvilla Season-8

One of the contestants on the show Mohit Malhotra, has been accused of using a racial slur after he called Siddharth Bhardwaj, a "Nepali with 'chinky' eyes". This caused obvious discomfort to India's North East Community, many of whom have oriental facial features.

Though the show is unscripted, the network and the sponsors have been accused of supporting such racial slurs by not bleeping the content after they decided to air it.

Another such incident took place in the fourth season, when Aakriti had a verbal fight with Payal. The racial slur that was used was beeped out and later Nikhil Chinappa at the dumping ground raised the issue telling Aakriti not to "advertise her ignorance anymore" and that serious actions will be taken if it happens here after.

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