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How App Permissions in Android Mobile & Tab is broken

I strongly feel that the App Permissions model on Android is seriously broken. why?
Why Permissions?
Permissions are a way to allow/block apps from accessing data and phone's services upon users' discretion.

How is it broken on Android?
In Android, when you put in an app, you are shown an inventory of privileged options that the app is allowed to use. If you're happy with the permissions, the app uses, you install the app or cancel it. This is where it goes wrong. No one uses the list of permissions to form a call whether to put in the app or not. It is the trust and complete recognition on the basis of which users install the app. Suppose, you wish to block one specific permission for an app. You can't do this. Either you permit all the permissions, or you don't install the app.

What do I want Android permissions model to be like?

How App Permissions in Android Mobile & Tab is broken
How App Permissions in Android Mobile & Tab is broken
Take the instance of the Facebook for Android app. I do not want it to access my contacts list. Because it's a notorious app. It automatically sends friend requests to everyone in your contacts list if they're on Facebook. Although, this hasn't happened to me but it's happened to some of my friends who don't seem to be well versed with technology. So, in all probability the receptionist at XYZ hotel where you stayed an year ago, or an employee at ABC company whom you met in the lobby for showing you the approach to conference area and also the person handling too gets a disciple request from you on Facebook. Clearly, you don't wish the Facebook app to access your contacts list however you want it to Access the Internet and Save knowledge to SDCard. But Android does not let you only block the Contacts Access permission and permit Internet Access and SDCard Access. You either don't install Facebook or let or not it's notorious.
  • The user should be able to grant all or some of the permissions to the app, when installing.
  • After installation, the user should be able to grant other permissions, or revoke existing ones.
  • There should be a panic mode or something similar, which when enabled will show a prompt to the user for each privileged permission access.


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