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ABC Cancel the Plug on Show ‘Revenge’ After 4 Seasons |ABC Shows

ABC Cancel the Plug on Show ‘Revenge’ After 4 Seasons |ABC Shows
ABC Cancel the Plug on Show ‘Revenge’ After 4 Seasons |ABC Shows
It appearance like the whispery—and sometimes unlikely—antics of Amanda Clarke-slash-Emily Thorne are over: ABC confirmed Wednesday that its Hamptons-set melodrama “Revenge” has been canceled.

Anyone who still watches the hour-long show probably isn’t too shocked: It’s one those programs that started out sturdy and fun—season one was an absolute blast—and got increasingly additional confusing and histrionic, often trotting out random new characters, faking deaths, and hoping on an entire lot of “surprising” twists.

Still, the show did have its perks: Emily VanCamp for one, who aced playing an astoundingly sturdy, unapologetic feminine lead; the show’s pure prime-time soapiness (a rarity in today’s ten p.m. slot, where crime/medical/firehouse dramas rule); the loyal, rich, good, sexually ambiguous sidekick Nolan Ross, played to WASPy perfection by Gaably upset—make certain to hunt out NBC’s  “Deception,” which was canceled after one sbriel Mann (anyone else assume David Fincher should have solid him as Desi Collings in “Gone Girl?); and an endless parade of evening robes and bodycon dresses.

The final episode will air May ten, thus be sure to lift a glass of Champagne to Amanda and therefore the gang, and—if you’re feeling noteason however was virtually just like “Revenge” when it had been at its best.


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