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Unreserved Ticket Booking App Launched by Indian Railways |Download the App

If you had booked a price tag previous to, it is possible to fancy a moderately snug journey in Indian trains. However for countless individuals who for some reason can't use the reserved value price ticket, the experience to accumulate the unreserved one or general price ticket is harrowing. Rail minister Suresh Prabhu on Thursday announced a live that is visiting profit these commuters immensely.

As of the new initiatives announced in Rail Budget 2015, Prabhu said that his ministry has come back up with a unique policy known as Operation five Mins. This can enable smartphone users to shop for general tickets at intervals 5 minutes even when their train is already on the station and concerning to go away.

Download the App 

Unreserved Ticket Booking App Launched by Indian Railways |Download the App
Unreserved Ticket Booking App Launched by Indian Railways |Download the App
This means people who are visiting be coated by Operation 5 Mins can not have to stand in long queues at crowded stations. They can be in an exceedingly position, presumably through an app, purchase the unreserved value price ticket from their phone.

However, for now no different details of Operation 5 Mins were accessible. However it's attainable that the new mechanism might use the current IRCTC app.

In reality phone or a smartphone seems to be at the middle of the makeover that Prabhu is seeking for the Indian Railways. On Thursday, he conjointly announced the next measures that can use technology, notably phones, to boost services:

-- The IRCTC web site is currently turning into a portal that's not only about booking a value ticket but is also about managing the journey. For example, consistent with announcements made on Thursday, the IRCTC web site will allow specially-enabled travellers and patients to order services like wheelchairs in advance at a explicit railway station. The web site can conjointly supply travellers chance to order their meals for travel in 108 trains. Though for currently, the small print of these trains isn't on the market.

-- Battery is usually a issue with phones these days. Therefore, the Indian Railways is currently putting chargers in even general coaches and not simply in sleeper and AC coaches.

-- Currently information concerning modification in schedule, delays etc can be delivered to travellers on phone. In India, millions and innumerable of us have a phone so it's nice to determine the government using the technology to deliver right and essential knowledge through phones.

-- four hundred train stations can have Wi-Fi facility. Though for currently details on this founded are scarce. For example, We tend to do not grasp if the Wi-Fi service will be offered at no cost or not.

-- Select trains can have CCTVs to enhance the security for ladies passengers.

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