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Khel Qismat Ka Zindagi TV Show Story, Cast and Timing,Title Song

Khel Qismat Ka Zindagi TV Show Story, Cast and Timing,Title Song

Khel Qismat Ka Zindagi TV Show Story, Cast and Timing

"Khel Qismat Ka" is upcoming Tv serial on Zindagi Tv Channel .Zindagi Tv Channel will soon announce this show ."Khel Qismat Ka" is  originally a Pakistani Show whose name is "Mann ke moti" which is aired on GEO Pakistani Tv Channel.  

Story of Khel Qismat Ka  Zindagi TV

"Mann ke moti" is a drama based on social issues. The story reflects the reality of the society, where the main suffering in a family is money. It is a story of a family where a widow mother take care of three childrens two girls and the eldest son who contributes and struggles for the livelyhood. The eldest son married to his beloved Fariha but the mother in law is totally against their marriage and always worried about her daugthers weddings. 

This story tells the contribution and sacrifieses of a family where the life is going on without any charm of fulfilling the dreams. Raheel is a sales man at a private company and cannot earn enough to meet daily needs of life and use a short cut to earn alot of money by going abroad illegaly. All the family memeber against to it but he insisted that he had to do it he van't live seem the sacrifices and hardships bearing by the family members. 

His wife fariha is a compromizing women lives her life without any expectations to fulfill her dreams. Both have three adroble kids. Their dream is only of a happy life but dream got shettered when the husband Raheel travel illegaly abroad and was killed while crossing the turkey border.

Khel Qismat Ka Zindagi TV Show Story, Cast and Timing,Title Song
Khel Qismat Ka Zindagi TV Show Story, Cast and Timing,Title Song

Now Fariha is left alone no body to protect her and her kids. Now the cruel reality life starts the true face of mother in law showed up. Fariha is left alone beard the hardships. All her struggles go down during a drain she can't even the pain she is suffering together with her mother in law. The life treats all of them badly then forcefully and unwillingly determined to remarry a rich man who's wife died and a pair of youngsters were left behind.

At the wedding ceremony that man refused to simply accept fariha's childrens in his house. The mother in law of fariha look after the kids after her wedding. That wealthy man clearly stated that he doesn't would like a wife but a caretaker who take care of his childrens well and his house.

The real suffering of Fariha and her childrens starts the youngsters became disappionted and heartbroken after the second wedding of their mother and scolded behavior of their grandmother , and in the future they left the house quietly beliving that there is no one who desires them. every one is happy ,settled and satisfy with their life. But they're at lost because their beloved father was died. To knew the total story should watch the drama full of emotion, realities, hardships and reflection of life. 

Star Cast of Khel Qismat Ka  Zindagi TV

Faisal Qureshi, Waseem Abbas, Asma Abbas, Yasra Rizvi , aiman khan, Murtaza Sohail, faizan Khawaja, Faizan Shaikh, fareeha jabeen, fiza arif, sundas tariq, suhaee abro, zuhab khan, minal khan, minza, mona shah, sonia kazmi

Information and Timing of Khel Qismat Ka Upcoming Zindagi TV 

  • Tv Show Name :Khel Qismat Ka
  • Writer : Kifayat Rodani 
  • Directed by : Nadeem Siddique. 
  • TV Channel : Zindagi Tv
  • Show Title Song : Mann Ke Moti
  • Genre: Drama Serial, social issues, typical middle class society
  • A & B Entertainment Presents


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