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How to Create Your 1st Blogger Website | Start Your Own Free Website | Create Website At Zero Cost

How to Start a Blogger Website | Start Your Own Free Website | Create Website At Zero Cost

Every Person want to earn Money from Home and We often search on web How to earn from Home . But i think no one get any good method to Earn money from Home. But We are Here to Share you a Great method so one can earn great Earning from Home .
You can earn money from a Niche Website . Today we are sharing you how to Create/Start a Blogger website easily to Earn Money from Home. is a Great website for the User who want to Start their Own Website.
Now Lets see How to Create a Free Website at Zero Cost by Using
There are Some Simple Steps to Start a Website Using

Follow the Steps Given Below to Start a New Website:-

Step 1 :- Sign Up For a Gmail Account . Click Here To Create A Gmail Acoount.
Step 2 :- After Sign Up in Gmail . Sign in to .With Same Email id and Password which you are using to Login into Gmail Account.
Step 3 :- After Logging Into your Blogger Account . You see a Option of New Blog on Left Side . See the Below Screen Shot .
Click on New Blog Option
Click on New Blog Option
Step 4 :- After Clicking on New Blog Option .You will see a Pop Up Window .In Which You Have Type Your Blog Name and Choose Desired Domain For  Your Blog.

Create a New Blog Option
Create a New Blog Option
Option 1 :- Title of the Blog
Option 2 :- Domain for Blog in Format.
Option 3 :- Choose a Template for Your Blog
Step 5 :- After Following all above said Steps you will See a Window Just like you have seen below.
Your Blog is Created
Your Blog is Created
Friends You have Successfully Created Your 1st Blog . Now Visit Your Blog by tying Your blogger Domain Name.which is in the Format of

You can also use Custom Domain Name with Blogger Website. That Means You can also Use Top Level Domains Like (,http;// etc)
We will Share another Tutorial Soon about How to Customize Blogger website to Use With Custom Domain.



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