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Lapataganj – Sharad Joshi Ki Kahaniyon Ka Pata |Repeat on Sony PAL

Lapataganj – Sharad Joshi Ki Kahaniyon Ka Pata |Repeat on Sony PAL

Lapataganj – Sharad Joshi Ki Kahaniyon Ka Pata   is an Indian television sitcom, come again only on Sony Pal  TV at 09.00pm .In past ,it presented on Sab Tv  from 26 October 2009 to 15 August 2014. The series is based on Sharad Joshi’s novel of the same name. It has become one of the most popular comedy-shows in India. The 2nd season of the series is titled Lapataganj – Ek Baar Phir and started airing on 10 June 2013. The show was broadcast every day Monday to Friday at 10:00pm IST. This is SAB's most successful show after Taarak as when shows were 0.3 below it was at 1.5 and in season 1 it reached 2.1 TRP and Season 2 it reached 2.4 TRP. Its lowest TRP of season 1 was 0.3 at launch and in season 2 0.8.


Based in an imaginary small town called Lapataganj (meaning a lost place), the story is inspired by the writings of Sharad Joshi, who was an eminent Hindi satirist. His wide range of work has highlighted the bitter truth of Indian society with a satirical punch. These stories, while making viewers laugh, also make them empathize with the situations people face in their daily lives.

Lapataganj is a town in some part of India which has been long forgotten by the system. The town struggles daily for basic facilities, yet the people residing there are the happiest of the lot. The show captures the spirit of the common man to lead a happy life against all odds
Lapataganj   Sharad Joshi Ki Kahaniyon Ka Pata PALTV
Lapataganj   Sharad Joshi Ki Kahaniyon Ka Pata PALTV

Cast and characters

Actor Character Details
Rohitash Gaud Mukundilal Sughandhilal Gupta /
Sughandhilal Shakarkandilal Gupta
A common man who is forever smiling irrespective whether is happy or not. He is very intelligent, helpful and an understanding person. He and his wife Indumati are in tune with one another—when his wife says "aji",
he replies in "oji". Aged 35, he is an honest government post office clerk and because of his morals is strictly against any form of corruption. He is the main protagonist of the show. Sughandhilal is father of Mukundilal and villagers call him Chacha. He always shouts at Mukundi and other villagers. Both father and son are lookalikes.
Sucheta Khanna Indumati Mukundilal Gupta A common Indian wife and housewife who regards her husband as God. She speaks slowly, scolds slowly and, being from Uttar Pradesh, her mother tongue disallows the use of the sound 'sha'. Hence, words like 'shaadi' are pronounced as 'sadi', 'khushboo' is pronounced as 'khusboo'. She even mispronounces Urdu words as well. She often regards her husband (pati) as vegetation (banaspati) when he doesn't know something. When she says "aji", Mukundi replies in"oji". She refers to herself as Mrs. Indumati Lal Gupta from Lapataganj.
Vineet Kumar Kachua Prasad He is fondly called by the Lapataganj residents as Kachua Chacha. He is affected by nothing nor does he commit anything, staying true to his name. He also says "kuch log yeh kaam karte hai, aur kuch log yeh kaam nahi bhi karte hai" which means 'some people do this work and some people also don't do this work'.
Shubhangi Gokhale Mishri Mausi She is the agony aunt of Lapataganj, mother of Surili and elder sister of Chotu Mama. She has advice for everyone, and is an extremely emotional, kindhearted person who breaks into tears at the drop of a hat. She has the unusual habit of forgetting words albeit which leads to humorous incidences. She always says "ae chotu,kya bakloli karte ho" i.e. why you do foolish things as she is fed up with her husband's mischief. She is impatiently waiting for him to return from Mumbai, where he works. Her husband always beats Biji Pandey when he flirts with her daughter Surili.
Abbas Khan Pappu Pandey
a.k.a. Biji Pandey / Eji Pandey
He is fondly called Biji Pandey by the Lapataganj residents, due to his being always busy. His colourful clothes match his colourful personality. Aged above 30, he is still 'biji' (busy) studying law, which he and others pronounce as 'laa'. He is very busy roaming the Lapataganj on his bicycle, most often to chase Surili, his love interest. Now, he is married to Surili. He always dislikes Mishri and Mama. His favourite saying is "papa kasam"(Father's Oath) and "deeply ghus ke"(within depth). After passing law exams he still meets Surili from outside as Surili is not sent to her husband's house because of his unemployment. Eji Pandey is the twin brother of Biji Pandey. His favourite saying is "take it easy". He always flirts with Mirza Chacha's daughters. In the 2nd season he has become a police inspector and is posted at Gumshudaganj Thana.
Preeti Amin
/ Aditi Tailang
Surili Pappu Pandey She is the daughter of Mishri mausi. She is very pretty, but unfortunately she is a mute, therefore, her beautiful expressions are limited to just 'khao'(eat), 'jaao'(go), 'laao'(bring), 'aaao'(come) etc. She lost her voice when she swallowed a cracker, anar in her childhood. She is the love interest of Biji Pandey, to whom she is now married. Now she is being treated by doctors and she will learn to speak. Aditi Tailang replaced Preeti for 2nd season.
Anup Upadhyay Chatteshwar 'Chotu' Shukla
a.k.a. Motu Mama
He is Mishri's younger brother and Surili's Mama. He is known by Lapataganj residents as Mama (the Hindi word for mother's brother). He has the frequent habit of replying "Yeh kaam to pitaji kiya karte the."(My father used to do this work…) at whatever is said to him. He loves his friend Alija very much. He doesn't work and always sits in Suttilal's shop. Also he has 3 wives,his third one being Chameli C. Shukla.He has 1 son from his first marriage,Tillu, 2 unnamed daughters from his second and no children from his third.
Dhruv Bhavsar Tillu Mama's son from first marriage.
Kajal Nishad Chameli Chatteshwar Shukla Lallan Vajpayee's sister, a widow. Her takiya kalam is "Hamko sab pata hai"(I know everything). Now she is married to Chhotu Mama. At the end of Season 1 she, along with Tilu, went to her mausi's house in Ghorakpur.At the very start of Season 2 she ran away with someone but returned before the ending of Season 2.
Krishna Bhatt Elizabeth Yadav
a.k.a. Alija Tailor
In Lapataganj called 'Alija' an old resident of Lapataganj who had gone to South India, to meet his mentor, but later returned to showcase his modern fashion in Lapataganj. He has the frequent habit of ending his sentences with 'hainge' instead of 'hai'. He is Mama's best friend and is always helping him.
Rakesh Srivastav Lallan Vajpayee/ Kallan Vajpayee He is the co-brother of Mukundilal Gupta. He has a habit of saying "Humse kisi ne kaha hi nahi" when asking him anything. He works in the Public Works Department and always boasts that he is not an ordinary man as he works in PWD.He has 2 children (unnamed).Kallanji is Lallanji's brother and Chameli's brother.He and Lallanji are twins.He also has a habit of boasting that he is not an ordinary man as he works in the CPWD like his brother.He has a daughter Lilavati,who is a crush of Chukundilala.Introduced in the second season.
Mamta Gurnani
/ Mamta Verma (Lapataganj Ek Baar Phir)
Bindumati Lallan Vajpayee a.k.a. Bindu She is the wife of Lallan Vajpayee and sister of Indumati. She often uses names of towns before speaking some words such as "party ka pilibhi", "sabak ka samastipur".
Sunil Kumar Suttilal Puttilal Halwai / Puttilal Muttilal Halwai He is the owner of the only snack shop in Lapataganj. His tea, samosas and jalebis are tasty and famous. However, he often complains about the unpaid bills. He loves his wife, Mircha but is scared of her beatings. Recently his wife's brother, Pudina has come to Lapatganj and works at his shop. His father was Puttilal and his shop is named after him. Mukundi's father often regards him as Putti ke puttar.
Soma Rathod Mircha Suttilal Halwai She is the wife of Suttilal and creates humorous situations that arise due to her extra large size. She is fond of eating and often eats up all the snacks which her husband has prepared. This makes him very angry.
Sanjay Chaudhary / Unknown Chukundilal Mukundial Gupta He is the son of Mukundi and Indumati. He was eight years old and studied in the third grade in the first season. Now, in the 2nd season, he is 14 years old.
Unknown/ Unknown Bhagyalakshmi Mukundilal Gupta She is the adopted child of Mukundi and Indu. In Season 2 she is very beautiful and sexy.She was lost in a fair and was found in a temple. Her father and mother died in a road accident.
Tapasya Nayak Salima She is the eldest unmarried daughter of Mirza Chacha. Eji Pandey often flirts with her and she also likes him.Her takiya kalam is 'samjha kariye'.
Unknown Kalima She is second unmarried daughter of Mirza Chacha.
Unknown Alima She is 3rd unmarried daughter of Mirza Chacha.
Unknown Halima She is 4th unmarried daughter of Mirza Chacha.
Unknown Afaima a.k.a. Falima She is 5th unmarried daughter of Mirza Chacha.
Ashutosh Sinha Guddu He is like a brother to Pappu Pandey a.k.a. Biji Pandey.His wife is the constantly nagging Duniya Dubey from Kanpur.
Atul Srivastava Mirza Tayyab Ali Acche a.k.a. Mirza Chacha He is also a new character in Lapataganj. He is a Muslim and has five daughters, all of them unmarried. He is disturbed by Eji Pandey when he flirts with her daughters. He, along with all his daughters are not in the 2nd season.
Bharti Achrekar Sindhumati Lal Singh She is the mother of Indumati and Bindumati and Mukundi and Lallan's mother-in-law. She was once bitten by a male dog and female dog, and both of them died. Therefore in one episode, Mukundi says "Meri saas hi hai bahut zeherili" (My mother-in-law is indeed very poisonous). She often comes to Mukundi's house and troubles him.
Sukesh Anand Lalaji Introduced in 2nd season.He is a big shot and owns 8796549387 trillion billion zillion crore acres of land.The only obstacle in his way for world owning is Lapataganj. Anatoingist.
Trishikha Tripathi Dolly Daughter of Lala ji, introduced in 2nd season. She is a very naughty girl. She is also a crush of Chukundilal.
Unknown Lilavati/Lily Daughter of Kallan ji, who is the brother of Lallan ji, introduced in 2nd season. She is a crush of Chukundilala. Her favourite catchphrase is "I tell you".
Shilpa Shinde Miss Mary New village teacher in Lapataganj. She helps the villagers out and also keeps them updated about the modern world. She is very helpful and often says "Mary bolega to bolte hai Mary bolta, par Mary bolega" before any advice or suggestion. She has trouble speaking fluent Hindi and comes from a Christian background. Love interest of the new havaldar at Lapataganj Thana
Vineet Raina Lakhan New havaldar in Lapataganj Thana. Under Eji Pandey's training. He is very smart and the love interest of Miss Mary.



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